Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Buyers Agent Boosts Sale of Luxury Homes

A buyer’s agent is the very person to go to when purchasing houses. Basically, this person serves as a mediator between the buyer and the seller so that both can come up with a deal that favors both sides. In short, with a buyer’s agent, neither side is at a disadvantage.  What a buyer’s agent does is help the buyer make the right decision without being pushed into a corner by a seller who just wants to dispose of his property. Additionally, he helps developers promote the residential and commercial real estate properties in the market. Basically, a buyer’s agent is a buyer’s advocate.  

A seller’s agent who represents the greater majority of real estate professionals provides the most extensive knowledge about properties for sale. This means that they are the best persons to ask for date regarding the sale of a property. Agents can stand as the advocate of the buyer or even of the seller. But, it must be noted that there is always bias to the party who contracted the agent.

Provided that they have the knowledge and the experience, buyer’s agents attack every real estate transaction with a holistic perspective of buyers’ needs even going above and beyond getting the right-priced property. Usually, a buyer’s location needs are backed by the quality of schools in the area, closeness to the workplace and accessibility to other public places for recreation and entertainment.  Luxury home sales are also backed by community demographics and the social statues of neighborhoods. A buyer’s agent usually spends a good deal of time assessing clients’ wants and social preference. He does this in order to have a system in coming up with the right home based on the survey results. 

In addition to being a buyer’s advocate, seeking the help of a buyer’s agent is also helpful in many other ways. Here are some examples:

Accessing silent listings. There are silent listings include many unknown properties that are for sale. Knowing about these properties gives buyers the advantage of finding the best properties to choose from.

Saving time. Going through all the properties for sale can take a lot of time off your schedule. This is particularly true for somebody who is not really experienced and knowledgeable about real estate. A buyer’s agent can provide a short list of properties that you may like.

Saving money.  Buyer’s agents are considered experts in real estate. This means that they can evaluate the value of a property which is helpful in getting you past the sales talks of sellers.

Gaining support services. The extensive support services that buyer’s agents have access to are useful. Because they know a lot of brokers, inspectors, surveyors and lenders, you can guarantee that help will be there when you it.

Maximizing Resale Values. A buyer’s agent has the capability of pointing out locations that have the likelihood to be profitable in the future. This allows buyers the chance to get ahead in the game of real estate in terms of profitable investment in the future. 

A buyers agent in Philadelphia is expected to help somebody get the luxury house that he wants. An individual who wants to buy homes for sale in Society Hill or homes for sale in Lower Merion, which are both high end communities, can benefit from hiring a buyer’s agent instead of hiring real estate agents in Philadelphia. On the other hand, luxury properties Washington Square West are easier to get with the help of a seasoned agent who knows the historical values of houses in this particular old community in Philadelphia.


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  2. Buyer agents, work in WA, are really like mediators. They work for both buyers and sellers. Luxury homes are in their ideas and they can give a seller best price which he expects.