Monday, July 23, 2012

The Benefits of Dieting, Hormones, and Bariatric Surgery

The people who have to put up with excessive weight do not only suffer from low self-esteem. Their excessive weight puts them at higher risk of developing degenerative diseases. These diseases come in the form of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. For these patients, doctors suggest that they do a lifestyle change, go through hormone therapy or undergo bariatric surgery. These things could give obese people the chance to take control of their situations in order to live healthier lives. 

So, let us take each procedure one by one. First, let us talk about lifestyle changes. When it comes to losing weight, changes in one’s lifestyle and diet play a major role. Of course, we all know that our bodies are vessels that we sustain through the food we eat. The healthier our meals are, the healthier we can be. On the other hand, if our meals are laden with too much fats or excessive calories, our bodies will only suffer as it accumulates pound upon pound of fat. 

What this implies is overweight people should take a 180-degree turn in their diets and their lifestyles. They have to evaluate their eating habits in order to get to the root of why they ballooned out of proportion. They can actually seek the help of diet doctors in West Philly who can give tips regarding what to do. Further, these professionals can help obese people come up with a reliable weight loss diet that won’t cause them harm. With such a diet, obese people can get started on losing unwanted pounds for their own good. 

Regarding hormone therapy, overweight people can benefit from the procedure as well. The hormone called human choriogonadotropin or simply hCG is a hormone commonly used for losing weight. In hormone therapy, a patient receives the hormone in three different forms: drops, tablet or injection. The benefit of using hCG is in its ability to release fat stores and curb an individual’s appetite. As a result, the person loses weight.

An hCG diet in Havertown, know as a starvation weight loss program, is now used as a medical weight loss in Newtown. People who follow the program see weight loss by as much as 20 pounds in only 30 days. Although the therapy is effective, it is not without risks. The synthetic product has not yet received the approval from the FDA as a weight loss method. Plus, people who administer the product on their own have reported allergic reactions.  

Let us now settle the matter of bariatric surgery. This procedure is the last resort when the first two methods fail to bring about weight loss. What happens during the surgery? Basically, the stomach is divided into two sections, one being the upper section (the pouch) and the lower section. The smaller section, the upper one, is the place where food is allowed to pass. The lower section is bypassed by connecting a small section of the small intestine to an opening made on the pouch. The result: food take shorter time to travel to the small intestine, resulting to lesser calories being absorbed.  

As such, if overweight people want to lose weight on the Main Lane, they can actually ask for the procedure from their doctors. But of course, you must submit yourself for evaluation if you do want to get a lap band surgery in Philadelphia. The benefits of such a procedure include lowered sugar levels and decreased cholesterol levels. 

In short, people who have very big problems regarding weight really need to see diet doctors in Philly who can recommend lap band surgery in Philadelphia

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